Our Learn Ta-amim series of teaching you how to chant the Torah using the Moses Gaster melody. This is the melody we use here in our Kabbalah4All Congregation. The lessons appear below in order. We will continue to add lessons each week.

With your tzedakah (donation) we can continue to provide meaningful services, studies, and share our Kabbalah4All Siddur with everyone. We thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

Lesson 1 - Atnach Phrases

Lesson 2 - Atnach Exercises

Lesson 3 - Sof Pasuk Phrases

Lesson 4 - Sof Pasuk Exercises

Lesson 5 - Zakef-Katon Phrases

Lesson 6 - Words with Two Ta'amim & T'rei Kadmin

Lesson 7 - Combining Phrases

Lesson 8 - Revia Phrases