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    Index of Chagim

    The following is the index of all the Chagim (Holidays) of the Jewish Year that do not have their own page. Please note that Chagim are listed in order of occurrence from the month of Tishrei. Simply click on the name to go to that section on this page.


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    Seder Hadlakat Ner Chanukah

    The service for lighting the Chanukah lights.

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    Shacharit LeChanukah

    The Morning Service for Chanukah with Torah Readings for each day of Chanukah.
    (Only For Use on Weekdays.)

  • For the Minchah & Arvit Services For Chanukah, use the Weekday Siddur.
    For Shabbat Chanukah, use the Shabbat Siddur.

    Tu BiShvat

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    Tu BiShvat List

    A list of items you will need in order to do the Tu BiShvat Seder at home or join with our community during the Seder.

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    Seder Tikun Tu BiShvat

    The Kabbalistic Seder for Tu BiShvat

  • Purim

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    Seder Keriat HaMegilah

    The service of Reading Megilat Ester for the Arvit and Minchah services.

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    Shacharit LePurim

    The Morning Service for Purim with Torah Reading For Purim and Megilat Ester.

  • Nisan

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    Seder Limud LeChodesh Nisan

    The Mishkan was erected on Rosh Chodesh Nisan. This is the study of Torah and order of special service for the First 14 Days of Nisan. Each day we put aside three coins for tzedakah, which will equal 42 coins when we complete Day 14.

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    Seder Birkat Ha-Ilanot

    The Blessing of The Trees. This blessing is said any time during the month of Nisan.

  • Tishah Be-Av

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    Arvit Shel Tishah Be-Av

    The Evening service for Tishah Be-Av with Shirat Ha-Azinu, Kinot and Megilat Eichah.

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    Shacharit Shel Tishah Be-Av

    The Morning service for Tishah Be-Av with Kinot, Torah and Haftarah Readings.

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    Minchah Shel Tishah Be-Av

    The Afternoon service for Tishah Be-Av with Torah and Haftarah Readings.

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    Seder LeMotzaei Tishah Be-Av

    The Concluding service for Tishah Be-Av with Havdalah and Kidush HaLevanah.

  • The Month of Elul

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    The Selichot Service used during the Month of Elul, beginning on the 2nd day of Elul. (Not for use on Shabbat or Festivals).

  • Yamim Noraim

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    Selichot LeYamim Noraim

    The Selichot Service for The Days of Awe. (Not for use on Shabbat Shuvah.)

  • For the Shacharit, Minchah & Arvit Services For Yamim Noraim, use the Weekday Siddur.
    For Shabbat Shuvah, use the Shabbat Siddur.