The focus of this month is inner renewal. This renewal is not able to be seen yet on the surface but is beginning deep within. We are invited to look within and open ourselves to newness of life. We can learn from the trees as we celebrate Tu BiShvat this month, which is also known as the New Year of the Trees. Though it may be winter in many parts of the world still, the sap and juices of all the trees are beginning to flow. We don't see this because it is concealed, but it is this necessary renewal within that will manifest itself through new leaves and flowers in the spring.  Eating is the area of healing this month and we are given the opportunity to think about what we are eating. Is it healthy for us? We often think about our spiritual nourishment, but what about the nourishment of the vessel of our soul? The Kabbalists taught that there are divine sparks in all created things. For this reason we should bless our food before we ingest it, not only as a thanksgiving but to also raise the sparks that are contained within. We should also look at not only the physical food we ingest, but also the relationships and activities that fill our lives. Are these healthy? What changes should we make to our diets? This month we celebrate the holiday that, according to the Kabbalists, is the most spiritual and joyful day of the year. It is a day that we hold a special seder that will assist us in connecting to trees and their giving nature. We can learn alot from a tree for it gives and gives just like the Creator. Trees give us the air we breath and the fruits we eat, without trees we would be lost in this world. It is a good time to be thankful for the trees and celebrate them. 

The Sefirot

Shevat is the 11th Month of the Hebrew Calendar
Common Calendar Dates:  January 23-February 21, 2023

Each day of the month corresponds to one of the Sefirot:
Rosh Chodesh - Keter
2nd-8th - Chochmah
9th-14th - Binah
15th-22nd - Zeir Anpin
23rd-Last Day - Malchut

Divine Name Permutation

The Divine Name Permutation for Shevat comes from Vayikra (Leviticus) 27:33:

He shall not search whether it is good or bad, nor shall he change it; and if he changes it at all, then both it and its change shall be holy; it shall not be redeemed.

More About Shevat

Sign:   Aquarius
Planet:   Saturn
Tribe:   Asher
Color:  Blue-Green
Energy:   Inner Renewal
Focus:   Eating
Controller:   Stomach
Holidays:   Tu BiShvat