We begin the darkest month of the year as we finish the celebration of the Festival of Lights. The Chanukiah reminds us, especially at the time around the Winter Solstice, that when it is darkest the Light shines most brilliantly. The month of Tevet is a time of darkness and hopefully we have celebrated Chanukah with attention and devotion so that we can carry some of that light into this new month. Tevet is ruled by the constellation of Capricorn whose symbol is the goat. Capricorns are focused, methodical, and earthy people. This month is also ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of restriction and discipline. Saturn brings challenge and forces us to learn through hardships. We should be on guard this month as Kabbalah teaches that it is the month dedicated to the healing and transformation of anger. It will be very easy to get angry this month, a part of the darkness inherent in Tevet. You should transform your anger this month and not allow it to make you a victim. Everything happens for a reason and instead of getting angry with yourself, others or at situations, try to figure out what lesson you are supposed to be learning. Many people become sick during this month and it's no wonder since anger and stress cause sickness to occur. There is good news though. In spite of Tevet being the darkest of months, it is also the most spiritual of months. Capricorn was created by the letter Ayin, which means eye. This month is of the rectification and nullification of the ayin hara or "evil eye." Saturn was created by the letter Bet. Bet begins the word for blessing. With this in mind, we can find blessing in this dark month if we take it upon ourselves to see it by transforming moments of anger and frustration.

The Sefirot

Tevet is the 10th Month of the Hebrew Calendar
Common Calendar Dates:   December 5, 2021-January 2, 2022

Each day of the month corresponds to one of the Sefirot:
Rosh Chodesh - Keter
2nd-8th - Chochmah
9th-14th - Binah
15th-22nd - Zeir Anpin
23rd-Last Day - Malchut

Divine Name Permutation

The Divine Name Permutation for Tevet comes from Tehilim (Psalms) 34:4:

Declare the greatness of Hashem with me, and let us exalt His name together.

More About Tevet

Sign:   Capricorn
Planet:   Saturn
Tribe:   Dan
Color:  Blue
Energy:   Purification & Transformation of Negative Emotions
Focus:   Anger
Controller:   Liver
Holidays:   Last 2 Days of Chanukah, 10th of Tevet