10 Av 5782 (August 7, 2022)

Tu B'Av (the 15th of Av) is this Friday. This is probably the least observed and talked about holiday in Judaism. However, the Kabbalists tell us that this day is the most positive day in the entire year. It is the day when harmony reigns in the entire universe between all vessels and the Light of the Creator. The energy of this day gives us the potential of completing our tikun without the use of any tools. Perhaps this may be the reason this Kabbalistic "Valentine's" day has become not such a big deal. Even though we don't have to read the Megilah or blow the shofar or light the chanukiah, we should still give this day recognition and be aware of the amazing energy flowing into our world at that time. The Temples were destroyed because of sinat chinam (causeless hatred). Tu B'Av is the antidote to restoring the Temple, to restoring the fallen state of humanity. Everything else we have tried has failed, Tu B'Av invites us to give unconditional love a chance. It gives us the promise and hope of a new era and a new world.

Shavua tov,

Parashat Va-etchanan | פרשת ואתחנן
Torah Portion: Devarim (Deuteronomy) 3:23-7:11
Haftarah: Yeshayah (Isaiah) 40:1-26

Parashat Va-etchanan

Haftarat Va-etchanan

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Tu B'Av is This Friday
Tu B'Av is a minor holiday, however it is one of the most powerful days of the year. The sun is at it's zenith on Tu B'Av. According to Kabbalah, it is the most joyous day of the year because harmony reigns in the universe between all vessels and the Creator's Light.

Kabbalah of Teshuvah
During the next weeks leading up to the High Holy Days, our Wednesday classes are going to have a special theme to prepare us for the Days of Awe. We will be exploring Teshuvah, Tefilah and the Kavanot that helps us to get to the next level in our spiritual journey. We invite you to join us via Zoom on Mondays @ 9 PM EDT or Thursdays @ 4:30 PM EDT, whichever time works best for you. To register for classes, please SUBSCRIBE, and select the Kabbalah Class - Monday or Kabbalah Class - Thursday option.

The word צדקה "tzedakah" in Hebrew often is translated as charity, but it actually comes from the root צדק "tzedek" which means righteousness. The addition of the letter ה "Hei" connects righteousness to Malchut. Many people say "giving" tzedakah, but the more appropriate phrase is "doing" tzedakah. Tzedakah is in many ways an exchange of energy and is a visible expression of gratitude in this world for that which we have received, especially when we receive it from an organization that helps us to grow spiritually. We thank you in advance for your generosity and support. Click Here to make a donation.

Your Hebrew Name
At the end of the Amidah, we whisper a verse from the Tanach which is associated with our Hebrew name. Would you like to know your Hebrew name and the verse that corresponds to your name? Or would you like us to help you choose a Hebrew name and even have a certificate with your Hebrew name and verse? Email Us for more information.

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