4 Tammuz 5782 (July 3, 2022)

The influence of the month of Tammuz is that of healing. One thing we should realize is that disease is an effect, not a cause. When we seek healing for ourselves, it is important for us to try to go back to the cause. According to Kabbalah there is a cause for every effect. Disease is not only something that affects the physical body, it also affects our soul, our relationships, etc. We should hyphenate this word to help us understand it better. Dis-ease is anything that makes us feel uneasy. The true origin of dis-ease is in connecting to the Tree of Knowledge rather than the Tree of Life. Whenever we react, whenever we receive only for our own benefit, it is then that we connect to the Tree of Knowledge. Being proactive and receiving for the purpose of sharing connects us the the Tree of Life. There is no dis-ease whatsoever in the Tree of Life realm because in this realm we are always connected to the Light. If we wish to heal ourselves we must be proactive in our own transformation and choose to connect to the Tree of Life. Healing begins within, transformation begins within. We can't expect to heal and transform the world without first healing and transforming ourselves.

Shavua tov,

Parashat Balak | פרשת בלק
Torah Portion: Bamidbar (Numbers) 22:2-25:9
Haftarah: Michah (Micah) 5:6-6:8

Parashat Balak

Haftarat Balak

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17th of Tammuz
The Bein Ham'tzarim begins with the 17th of Tammuz, however when the 17th occurs on Shabbat, it begins on the following day. This year the Three Weeks will begin on the 18th (Sunday, July 17, 2022). These Three Weeks are a time of introspection and mourning for the loss of the Temples. During this time we should keep in mind the idea of restricting our ego nature. We fast from red meat and wine (except on Shabbat) and we make a point of making extra time for meditation. For the 17th of Tammuz we will have full services of Arvit, Shacharit, and Minchah as it is considered one of the major "Days of Opportunity". We invite you to join us for the Three Weeks. Simply CLICK HERE to go to our Calendar page to see all events.

NEW Kabbalah Study For UK/Euro Time Zones
We will begin a new Kabbalah Study on Wednesdays @ 4:30 PM EDT via Zoom for those who live in the UK and European Time Zones. This class will begin on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. If you would like to be added to the email list, please be sure to go to our SUSCRIBE page and add yourself to the email list.

Tikun HaKlali
Rebbe Nachman taught that the Tikun HaKlali can rectify all spiritual and physical flaws or maladies. We can use the Tikun HaKlali for either personal teshuvah (return to Hashem) or to help bring about the Tikun Olam (correction of the world.) It is a very powerful service for healing and we will pray it to heal ourselves and the world. We offer the Tikun HaKlali service following our regularly scheduled Arvit service every Wednesday. We invite you to join us. CLICK HERE to go to our events page.

The word צדקה "tzedakah" in Hebrew often is translated as charity, but it actually comes from the root צדק "tzedek" which means righteousness. The addition of the letter ה "Hei" connects righteousness to Malchut. Many people say "giving" tzedakah, but the more appropriate phrase is "doing" tzedakah. Tzedakah is in many ways an exchange of energy and is a visible expression of gratitude in this world for that which we have received, especially when we receive it from an organization that helps us to grow spiritually. We thank you in advance for your generosity and support. Click Here to make a donation.

Your Hebrew Name
At the end of the Amidah, we whisper a verse from the Tanach which is associated with our Hebrew name. Would you like to know your Hebrew name and the verse that corresponds to your name? Or would you like us to help you choose a Hebrew name and even have a certificate with your Hebrew name and verse? Email Us for more information.

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