20 Sivan 5782 (June 19, 2022)

Another aspect of the month of Sivan's energy is intimacy. Kabbalistically, intimacy is another word for connectedness. When we realize that each of us has a Divine spark within, it is easier to feel that connectedness with others. Have you ever met someone and felt like you have known them all your life? That is what it feels like when we connect with someone else, soul to soul. It is not always easy to do, but try to go out of your way to do things for others and feel that connectedness with every person you encounter. Also deepen your relationship with those you are close to and show them that you appreciate them. May we truly feel connectedness with others and bridge the gaps that keep this world divided.

Shavua tov,

Parashat Korach | פרשת קרח
Torah Portion: Bamidbar (Numbers) 16:1-18:32
Haftarah: Shmuel Alef (I Samuel) 11:14-12:22

Parashat Korach

Haftarat Korach

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Print Calendar Feature
We have just released the calendar for the Month of Tammuz (Cancer) and with that month, the ability to print the calendar. Just under the heading of the month, you will see a place to click so you can print the calendar. Click Here to print the month of Tammuz.

Estudios en Español
A partir de este lunes, ofreceremos un estudio semanal de una hora en español. Te invitamos a unirte a nosotros los lunes a las 10 p. m. EDT. Suscríbete para unirte a nosotros.

Kabbalah Study - Sefer Yetzirah
Our Sefer Yetzirah studies will continue via Zoom on Wednesdays @ 10 PM EDT beginning this Wednesday, June 8, 2022. This week will be a review and an opportunity to ask questions about the first chapter. SUBSCRIBE to join us.

Tikun HaKlali
Rebbe Nachman taught that the Tikun HaKlali can rectify all spiritual and physical flaws or maladies. We can use the Tikun HaKlali for either personal teshuvah (return to Hashem) or to help bring about the Tikun Olam (correction of the world.) It is a very powerful service for healing and we will pray it to heal ourselves and the world. Beginning this Tuesday, we will start offering a Tikun HaKlali service following our regularly scheduled service every Tuesday. We invite you to join us. CLICK HERE to go to our events page.

Tehilim Schedules
We have added Weekly, Monthly and Shabbat schedules to our Tehilim page for those who wish to follow a schedule of completing Tehilim. We are continuing to transliterate and translate Tehilim also and adding them to the page as we complete them. Go to our TEHILIM page to see the new schedules.

The word צדקה "tzedakah" in Hebrew often is translated as charity, but it actually comes from the root צדק "tzedek" which means righteousness. The addition of the letter ה "Hei" connects righteousness to Malchut. Many people say "giving" tzedakah, but the more appropriate phrase is "doing" tzedakah. Tzedakah is in many ways an exchange of energy and is a visible expression of gratitude in this world for that which we have received, especially when we receive it from an organization that helps us to grow spiritually. We thank you in advance for your generosity and support. Click Here to make a donation.

Your Hebrew Name
At the end of the Amidah, we whisper a verse from the Tanach which is associated with our Hebrew name. Would you like to know your Hebrew name and the verse that corresponds to your name? Or would you like us to help you choose a Hebrew name and even have a certificate with your Hebrew name and verse? Email Us for more information.

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