Death is never easy. Kabbalah teaches that the soul continues to exist after the death of the physical body. It is a Kabbalistic tradition to say Kaddish for the soul each day for thirty days after the day of the body's death (11 months in the case of losing a parent). This helps the soul make its transition. Likewise, Kaddish is said on the anniversary of someone's death as well, known in the Sephardic communities as Nachalah.

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Keith ben Carolyn (10/26/2020)
Beatriz bat Luisa (10/28/2020)
Luis Arturo Torres ben Maria (10/31/2020)
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (11/07/2020)
Doris Yount Herman (12/30/2020)
Adrian ben Gloria (01/07/2021)
Patricia Gould bat Carnell (01/11/2021)
Leslie Yvonne Johnson bat Yvonne (01/19/2021)
Ronald ben Cornelius (01/24/2021)
Farashad ben Rosie (03/21/2021)
Lance Anderson (04/01/2021)
Oscar ben Sara (05/06/2021)
Clare Liwski (05/29/2021)
Lucia bat Zunilda (06/02/2021)
Trevor ben Sarah (06/08/2021)
Beatriz Pastrana bat Carmen (07/01/2021)
Linnet bat Laura (07/10/2021)
Nancy Wardick Murdy (07/12/2021)
Ruth Hilton (07/16/2021)
Edmund ben Lydia (08/01/2021)
Hector ben Arturo (08/03/2021)
Romy bat Angelina (08/10/2021)
Mitzi Friedlander (08/11/2021)
Julian ben Denny Alida (08/12/2021)
León Zeldis ben Awa (08/18/2021)
Camilo ben Patricia (08/25/2021)
Samuel ben Ana (9 Tishrei 5782)
Rabbi Joel David Bakst (15 Tishrei 5782)
Alonso ben Hernando (10/04/2021)
Rabbi Barton Lee (10/11/2021)
Victims of Natural Disasters
Victims of Terror, Violence, and Injustice
Victims of COVID-19


Steve Posluszny (25 Tevet 5779)
Harvey Jacob Saunders-Hyiam (21 Tevet 5773)
Angus Scrimm (28 Tevet 5776)
Antoinette Desselle (6 Shevat 5774)
Deborah Lynn Friedman (4 Shevat 5774)
Debra Kathryn Blanchard (9 Shevat 5774)
Andrew Joseph Garcia (1/30/2009)

Joseph Zangari (02/01/2011)
Elizabeth Louise Dodson (2/3/2020)
DeMarcus Townsend (02/04/2013)
Patricia (2/7/2017)
Carolyn Chambers (2/11/2019)
Joseph Hector McCoy (2/16/2020)
Tankica Bozhinoska (2/18/2013)
Josephine Ruth Baumbach (02/22/1961)
Julia Robertino (02/23/2013)
Barbara Jean Yazzie (2/25/2019)

Ruth Lewis (03/01/2014)
Michael McCoy (3/15/2019)
Philip Hedges (3/17/2019)
Luis Antonio Albanes Corado (03/22/2014)
Barbara Day (03/21/2011)
Elizabeth Taylor (03/23/2011)

Mary Beatrice Kolz (04/01/2006)
Frederik Nicolaas (04/02/2010)
George Anderson (04/10/2013)
Mary Juanita Hill-Teeter (04/27/2004)
Kenneth Brown (4/27/2020)

Nancy Lee Holt (5/2/2019)
Robert Hall Casper (5/4/1968)
Victor Eugene Patterson (05/06/1961)
Carl Missal (5/15/2017)
Meaghan Anderson (05/16/2020)
Amber Sadiq (05/22/2006)
Viola Ethel Fowler (05/24/2011)
Robert Wolf (5/28/1966)

Victoria Spence Braddy Miller (6/2/2018)
Evelyn Joy Barnes Hedges (6/3/2008)
Luis Alonso ben Luis Jose (6/21/2018)
Sean Philip Erwin (6/22/2020)
Marie Haven (6/25/2020)
Luis Jose ben Jose Trinidad (6/27/1988)
Kyle Pagerly (06/30/2011)

Jose Mendonça (07/04/2017)
Victor Pastrana ben Maria (7/8/2020)
Rabbi David Cooper (7/11/2020)
Jacob Marcovici Marvin (7/13/13)
Jared ben Dennis (07/15/2011)
Mario ben Esperanza (07-21-1992)
Barbarh Bond (07/24/2011)
Bonnie Johnson (07/27/2011)
Charles Staples (7/29/2020)
Russell Hudson (07/2011)

Luis Carlos ben Margarita (08/3/2019)
Luz Elena bat Rosa Elena (08/3/2019)
Victor Varnedoe (8/12/2018)
Evelyn Kantor (08/13/2011)
Cruz Antonio Gamboa (08/22/2015)
Victor Joseph Patterson (08/26/2011)
Antonio Montilla (8/27/2020)
William Theodore Dodson (08/28/2015)

Rabbi Joseph Gelberman(01 Tishrei 5771)
Karla Ember (01 Tishrei 5771)
Maria del Mar Rodriguez Segurado (09/05/2005)
Shawn Lewis (09/07/2011)
Zalman ben Rose v'Moshe (09/08/2012)
Freddie ben Carl (09/11/2015)
Hannah bat Sarah (09/11/2013)
David Grantham-Buckley (09/13/2013)
William Holder (09/14/2012)
Herma Mason Brown (15 Tishrei 5779)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (9/18/2020)
Emory David Brennan (09/20/2000)
Herma bat Mary (09/24/2018)

Majid ben Fereshteh (10/1/1997)
Rabbi Eitam (10/1/2015)
Na’ama (10/1/2015)
Holly Hock Dumaine (10/6/2016)
Scott Long (10/07/2015)
Larry Lund (10/11/2015)
Jo Nell (10/09/2015)
Natividad Reyes (10/23/2009)
Carlos Manuel Parreno (10/29/2010)

Natalie (11/05/2007)
Louis McCoy (11/6/2018)
Marvin Mich (11/21/2018)
David Wolf (11/06/2011)
Allen Moskowitz (11/9/2017)

Elizabeth Garbutt (12/04/2012)
John Curtis (12/7/1994)
Patricia Hardin (12/12/2012)
Stephen Cicirelli (12/16/2019)
Stacie Schultz (12/19/2015)
Amy Joi bat David (12/26/2010)
Gloria Faith Leach (12/31/2009)


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