Healing energy is a very powerful force that restores and regenerates us at all levels. We have the power, as we tap into the Light, to create this healing energy for ourselves and for others. Kabbalah teaches that we receive the most healing for ourselves when we remember others who need healing first.

You may wish to use our Seder Refuah (Healing Service) or simply the Mi Sheberach when you are praying for healing for yourself and for others.

K4A Seder Refuah (Healing Service)

K4A Mi Sheberach

Moses revealed the following formula for healing when praying for his sister Miriam, and it has been used for thousands of years since. Meditating on this sequence with kavanah (deep intention) can draw down healing energy from the Divine.

The following is a list of names of those in need of healing.  We will remember everyone on this list during our Kabbalat Shabbat service during the Mi Shebeirach (prayer for healing).  We ask that you also remember them in your prayers and send them healing energy.

Edward ben Evelyn
Brian ben Evalyn
Cathy bat Beatrice
Micah bat Sarah
Nathaniel ben Priscilla
Ashirah Davinia bat Rosaura
Kathy bat Pat
Medad ben Helen
Azucena bat Ana

Nolan ben Corrie

Agnes bat Inez
Maria Fernanda bat Patricia
Ivonne bat Marlene
Edna bat Carmen
Sonia Patricia bat María Teresa
Jorge Alejandro ben Carmen
Lucia bat Zunilda
Claudia bat Sara Guadalupe
Esteban ben Piedad
Manoris bat Inez
Tanya bat Audrey
Ronnice bat JoAnn
Keith ben Paula
Noah ben Theresa
Comfort bat Rose
Hadassah bat Comfort
Ruby bat Patricia
Linda bat Patricia
Sherrie bat Patricia
Lance ben Molly
Toni ben Sarah
Lauren bat Ruby
Holanda bat Christina
Nehemiah ben Cathy
Michael ben Agnes
Kimberlyn bat Agnes
Silvano ben Maria
Jayne bat Juanita
Sarah bat Eliana
Adam ben Eliana
Beatriz Binder bat Carmen
María bat Carmen
Ana bat María
Aura bat Betsabé
Haven ben Audrey
Sandra bat Amanda


If you would like us to add someone you know or yourself to this list, please visit the Request For Healing page.  Last names are not used without permission from that person.




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