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Freedom From The Slavery of Ego
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Pesach, Counting of The Omer

The month of Nissan is about breaking free from the slavery of our ego.  It is no coincidence that we celebrate Spring during this month.  Spring is about renewal and freedom.  Too often our ego gets in the way and prevents us from really doing what we know we are here to do.  When we are able to put our ego in check, we are then free.  Be on guard for many times this month, the ego will be challenged and it will be rather easy to give in and become slaves once again. 

We celebrate Pesach this month, the ultimate feast of freedom.  We use matzah, which is bread without ego, as one of the many tools of the seder to help us battle our ego nature.  With the tools of the seder, we can transform our ego nature of receiving for only ourselves to that of receiving so that we may share unconditionally. 

The area of healing or focus for this month is speech.  The Ari, Rabbi Isaac Luria, said that the word Pesach is made up of the two Hebrew words for mouth (peh) and speaks (sach), thus forming "the mouth speaks."  Speech is very important because we can create new universes with our speech.  Speech is our thoughts in action.  It is a powerful tool for we can either curse or bless another person with our words.  This month we should be aware of how we speak and how our speech can cause our ego to get bigger and enslave us.

Freedom or slavery are our choices this month.  Since Nissan is the "head of the year", the first month of the Kabbalistic year, our choice is not only determined for this month but the entire year that follows.  What will we choose?

Chodesh tov,   


Nissan "The First of Months" by Max Weiman

Resources used:  Sefer Yetzirah, Kabbalah Month by Month by Melinda Ribner.  Both of these texts may be found in our K4A Amazon Store.

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