Healing energy is a very powerful force that restores and regenerates us at all levels. We have the power, as we tap into the Light, to create this healing energy for ourselves and for others. Kabbalah teaches that we receive the most healing for ourselves when we remember others who need healing first.

There are various tools we can use to generate healing energy.  The most powerful of these is the Ana B'choach, also known as the 42-Letter Name of the Creator.  Visit our Ana B'choach page for more information and how to use this tool.

The following sequence of Hebrew letters is one of the 72 Names of The Creator. This particular name is used for healing. Simply scan it from right to left as you remember those who need healing. For the entire chart of the 72 Names, Click Here.

The following is a list of names of those in need of healing.  We will remember everyone on this list during our Kabbalat Shabbat conference calls during the Mi Shebeirach (prayer for healing).  We ask that you also remember them in your connections and send them healing energy. You may wish to meditate on the Ana B'Choach, and then the above sequence, and conclude with the Mi Shebeirach.

Genia bat Polly
Medad ben Helen
Micah bat Sarah

Ruby(Yekara) bat Patricia
Ilene bat Doris
Stan ben Barbra
Barbra bat Mel
Joyce bat Geneva
Peggy bat Elsie
Lisa bat Sharon
George ben Margarita
Ivan ben Gordana
Igor ben Gordana
Bojan ben Tankica
Dushan ben Kiraca
Milica bat Kiraca
Jovana bat Biljana
Magdalena bat Tankica
Jose Abelardo ben Sarah
Paula Haydee bat Sarah
Rosa bat Ana Maria
Rosendo ben Maria del Carmen
Evan ben Fany
Raimundo ben Yael
Marilyn bat Vina


If you would like us to add someone you know or yourself to this list, please visit the Request For Healing page.  Last names are not used without permission from that person.




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